The List of Workshops

The list of workshops for the 2024 event is as follows. Note that these workshops are free of charge and all participants can attend them. Also, a certificate of attendance for the workshop will be issued for each workshops

Workshop Name
1 The Role Of Spas In The Tourism & Wellness Industry
2 Medicinal Herbs & Herbal Oils Used In Massage: Indications & Precautions
3 Ayurvedic Massage
4 The Therapeutic Applications Of Massage In Persian Medicine
5 Introducing The Status & Capabilities Of Iranian Medical Tourism
6 Business Roadmap Design
7 Bioenergetic Massage
8 Beauty Tourism & Beauty Spas
9 The Architecture Of Traditional Baths & The Preciousness Of Water In Dry Areas, Focusing On The Architecture Of Spas & Baths
10 Salt & Sun Therapy
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